Dan Richard on the steps of the Capital in Washington DC
Watch video of Dan Richard speaking at the capital

Our Story

Daniel Richard founded the first cryo bank to nationally commercialize the separation and freezing of umbilical cord blood stem cells.
About Our Founder, Daniel Richard
During Dan’s tenure at Cryo-Cell, the company become the fastest growing cryo bank and NASDAQ approved company. 

As the leading expert in the emerging field, Dan was invited by congressman Christopher Smith to speak on the steps of the US Capitol highlighting the ethics and benefits of the umbilical cord blood preservation. 

Dan brought umbilical cord blood to the University of South Florida who had never dealt with cord blood cryopreservation. Dr. Paul Sandberg the director of the lab was the president of the Neurological Society. The University modified the newborn stem cells into neural stem cells. The University received a patent for the use of modified human cells for the treatment of brain disease. Daniel Richard was named as a co-inventor and became a charter member of the University of Inventors from around the country.

Coming Out of Retirement
Dan was not planning on stepping away from retirement life but when his granddaughters where both charged over $2,000 plus additional higher annual fees for storing their babies’ umbilical cord, Daniel was inspired to start Affordable Cord Care. 

Dan realized that in order to create America’s most affordable storage he would need to get a younger successful professional person to serve as president of the company. In addition, he would need to get the finest quality accredited laboratory. Both these goals were achieved with Affordable Cord Care.

We have partnered with Vitalant, a fully accredited and licensed cord blood bank, located on the northeast coast of the U.S. Vitalant has processed more than 70,000 cord blood units since first opening in 1996. (Learn More About Our Lab)

Leslie Carmen has agreed to a long-term commitment as President of Affordable Cord Care. She has been in the health care industry for years and is excited to know that now many more lives will be saved with this affordable opportunity.

Affordable Cord Care is an ethically-motivated care company.
Our mission is to provide gold-standard customer support to families who are considering banking their baby's cord blood stem cells as well as to their selected healthcare professionals.

We are committed to helping educate you through knowledgeable and caring customer-focused staff so that you may make informed decisions about cord blood banking.

Affordable Cord Care sets the highest quality standards in stem cell storage.
Affordable Cord Care is Recommended by the American Pregnancy Association
Preserving cord blood cells does not guarantee that the saved cord blood cells will be applicable for every situation. Ultimate use will be determined by a physician. Please note:  Affordable Cord Care's activities are limited to collection of umbilical cord blood from autologous donors.
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